Super lights - audiobook

The Super Lights are magical beings that the Author, Nitakumari, has been connected to for 10 years. Nita channeled this Audio-book in one synchronistic breathe with Spirit and the Super Lights. The book is a gift from Spirit and messages of beautiful beings coming to visit us and raise the cosmic consciousness. The beings you will meet through this Audio-book is Spirit’s gift to humanity and a real chance for each one of us to find love for one another.

The book has been a journey for both the Super Lights and Nita. Through unraveling on her personal journey of healing and rediscovering who she really is and why she came back to Earth, this book finally came to birth. Nita had to stop hiding from the spiritual being she is and her path and purpose. Her connection to Spirit is undeniable and she has become one with it all!

Through channeling this book, Nita really came to understand why she was chosen and shown these beings, and how pertinent it was to give them a voice. So if you have a chance to meet one be kind and come your hearts!

Our natural state is love!

Learn Super Light's importance to our evolution

Super Lights Audiobook
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